Thursday, 6 March 2008


Ok so I am really excited now. Here I was enjoying, appropriately enough, a nice piece of smoked trout, when I decided to check up on the Fish Short Story comp (yes I do eat while sitting at the computer, and yes I know its not good for my keyboard, but for some reason on Thursdays time seems to run away and I end up having to do several incompatible things at once.)

Anyway where was I? Oh yes, Fish. Well they've only gone and posted up the short list - and one of my stories is on it! I really did think that the long-list would be my limit, but knowing I've made the last 27 (yes I have counted them) is fab. More than anything else it means that David Mitchell author of the amazing Cloud Atlas and the fabuloso Black Swan Green, as one of the judges, will be reading my words. He may hate them, he may mock them, he may cast them to one side (the side where the bin is) but the important thing is - he will read them. Oh dear I really am far too excited and have written this too soon after my discovery (ie immediately). I have given myself the hiccups.

I am going to try to recover by finding out the likelihood of my survival if I crash-landed on the moon.


Apparently this counts as a FAIL, which on the moon probably means a slow lingering death. Ah well so much for my new career as an astronaut - I'd better stick to sitting on my bum at the computer trying not to lose bits of food in the keyboard.


KAREN said...

That's really great news, Sarah! About the short-list obviously, not about the moon-landing. That was not so great. Mine was worse though :o( As for my abilities as a Human Shield - 20% !! Don't look to me in a crisis, that's all I'm saying.

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Karen - but that's really positive, surely it reduces the chances of anyone dressed in camoflauge choosing you to be a human shield - If I were you I would print it out and wear it as a badge :)

SpiralSkies said...

Oh, brilliant about the story shortlist! You must be so thrilled.

Astronauting would be very boring; no chocolate or Amazon deliveries.

Hic! You deserve to be excitable - in fact, I'm excitable for you too!

Cal said...

Wow! That's fantastic news. Brilliant! You must add that to your writing CV. Even if you don't get any further it's a really impressive achievement. Is it the top 10 you have to get into to make it into the anthology? Crossing everything for you Sarah. Good luck!

HelenMH said...

Oh well done, that's brilliant!

Maddie Moon said...

Brilliant, well done!

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Spiral - You're right Astronauting's not for me - bet you can't drink fizzy wine in space either (I've discovered its a great cure for hiccups!)

Cal - Thanks yes, I certainly will be adding it to my CV no matter what happens. 15 stories get through to the anthology so the odds aren't too bad

Maddie and Helen - Thank you! I have calmed down a bit now but I'm still evry happy

Leigh said...

I failed too, Sarah, despite getting everything in pretty much the right order. Although I couldn't quite see how the food/water was going to be any use seeing as I wouldn't be able to take off my helmet. I reckoned 200 miles on foot wouldn't actually take that long on the moon. I guess I was wrong. Good job I'll never go there!!

Leigh said...

Oh [blushes], and GREAT news about getting on the shortlist!!!

(You can tell what I've been doing for the hour since first arriving on your blog!)