Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Shoes and other important stuff

On my to-do list this evening I had 'make outfit for Sex and the City Night on Friday.' Our lovely independent cinema has finally got hold of a copy of the Sex and the City film and are having a special 'theme night' with cocktails and costumes.

Now, I'm a bit scruffy generally, but I do love dressing up. Have a bit of a reputation for it in fact. There will be expectations for Friday night. I can't just turn up in my jeans and a t-shirt. Well I could, but where would be the fun in that?

So I had a plan. It involved my bestest pink shoes,

a bridesmaids dress (pink silk and lots of net petticoats) age 11 and found at a jumbly (definitely a story in there somewhere), a pair of scissors and lots of sewing. I gave it half an hour after which I decided to pour myself a glass of wine and see what I had in my wardrobe that didn't require any effort.

I ended up with three options.

Fab and flouncy orange and green silk skirt with ultra high green stilettos

Vintage dress made out of sort of curtain material with big blue roses on it, with bestest pink shoes

Silky satiny long crimson skirt with bizarre straps-and-buckles shoes

Had to reject one and two as - I can't stand up never mind walk in ultra high green stilettos (a charity shop 'bargain' that I am destined never to wear) and can only just manage to sit down and certainly can't laugh in figure-clenching vintage dress (one for posing in not spending night in cinema watching potentially humourous film)

So it looks like option 3 with the odd shoes. I bought them twenty years ago (gulp) at yet another jumbly and I have never worn them. They have lived under my various beds since then (another story there I think, thank goodness they can't talk ;o). Friday night is going to be their big night. Will have to buff my feet with a brillo pad to get them up to scratch, but what's a bit of pain?

So a big tick on my to-do list and an evening free to edit some stories, make a start on the next chapter of the novel etc. Except I've now noticed it's 10 oclock and I fancy reading not writing now. A friend lent me Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman yesterday so I think I will give it a go.

This post was supposed to be about something sensible and writing related - I will put it on my to-do list for tomorrow.