Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The film of the book not yet written

Thanks to Writing about Writing for this great idea. I claimed in a comment on WaW's post that all my male characters are based on fanciable actors, which on some fantasy level in my head they possibly are. But in reality I have a little 'characters' notebook filled with pictures of models torn from clothes catalogues and magazines. They are all still 'too beautiful', but they do help me visualise my characters. If I knew how I would scan a pretty collage of them here, with their character names. I have the technology but it continues to bamboozle me.

Meanwhile I have given some serious thought , over my coffee this morning, to who would play who in "The film of the book that hasn't even got a title yet and is still to be written (although I am getting there)". Here are a few of the major characters

Bea - likes running, has big secrets, can't really believe who has just turned up in her life
- Keely Hawes, perfect but without the 80s hairdo she is sporting in 'Ashes to Ashes'

Erica- in there to stir things up, I think 'catalyst' might be the word I'm looking for
- Miranda Raison ('Spooks') - her eyes are just right

Paul - Bea's step-brother who has been away travelling for years, Bea isn't too happy to see him again
- James McAvoy - attractive but edgy, can do a good shifty look then smile and be all innocent and lovely

Robert (Bea's Dad)
-Alan Rickman - I'm not having a film without Alan Rickman in it

Hmmmm, that still leaves Russ and Patrick, sod it they'll have to be Sean Bean (original 'Sharpe' era) and Josh Holloway ('Lost') - a girl can dream can't she?


KAREN said...

Ooh, Sean Bean and Josh Holloway... I couldn't write with either of those two beauties in mind, it would be FAR too distracting!

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Karen - that's exactly my problem!

HelenMH said...

Alan Rickman - good choice! No film complete without him - absolutely!

SpiralSkies said...

Ooh, yes, Alan Rickman definitely.

My film-of-the-book will star Andrew Lincoln. There isn't actually a suitable character for him to play. My choice is made out of pure letchery.

I'm also a tearer-out of pics though it tends to be their houses and furniture rather than their faces. Magazine people are, as you say, just too beautiful.

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Helen & Spiral - I hope Alan Rickman hasn't got much planned for the next few years, cos when our novels all hit the big time he is going to be a very busy man :)

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Spiral - Nothing wrong with a bit of lechery - it has got me through many an unfathomable episode of 'Lost'.

Great idea about getting pictures of character's houses etc from mags too - but I'm going to need a bigger scrapbook!