Wednesday, 12 March 2008

A note on notebooks

I have too many of them, its official. I need a new notebook to keep a note on all my notebooks.
I have:

My beautiful cloth bound writing diary which goes every where with me and is a good companion in pubs when I arrive half an hour before anyone else

My everyday diary filled with the minutiae of life - "Dentist 3.30", "Allotment AGM, bring cake", "pay GHB now!!" (still no idea what that one means)

My dream diary, sadly neglected but still technically part of the gang

My novel notebook, with character sketches (and magazine pictures), plot thoughts and plans, explorations of new angles - the 'loss' of which this afternoon prompted this post

My 'overheard snatches of dialogue' book - very small but quite handy. A friend recently advised me that if I was going to write down descriptions of people and their conversations in public places I should always include some sums and mathematical diagrams, then no-one will try to read what I am scribbling

My WEA Writing course notebook, now sadly to be put aside until the course starts up again in September

My ideas for quiz questions notebook (it's what I do for a living and its so infuriating coming up with a potentially great idea for a question and then totally forgetting it by the time I've found some paper )

My work log book - as a freelancer it really helps me focus on who I'm working for, what I am doing for them, what resources I need etc

And a spiral bound jotter for the meetings of various local bodies of which I am a bod.

In addition I have reams and reams (and yes I know what a ream is, its lots) of scrap paper on which I actually do my writing.

I know what I need - a gadget. One that can combine all of the above in a handy portable format, that can be backed up elsewhere, connects to the internet and preferably has a stylus so I can kid myself that I am still writing everything down. I'm sure it exists, in fact I know it does, but the technological options befuddle me everytime I look - do I want a camera with it, er no, though I suppose it would be useful. What about a phone, but I've already got one, in fact I've already got a camera too. And then there's Kindle.

I know what will happen I will go from too many notebooks to too many gadgets and I still won't be able to find the one I want when I need it.

And anyway I like my books and the collection of biros that go with them. And hurrah I've just remembered where I put my novel notebook - it's in the bathroom where I left it last night after I had been doodling in it in the bath.


HelenMH said...

You can never have too many notebooks! I quite like having several on the go. Stops me getting bored!

Leigh said...

Another notebook addict. Wonderful!
You don't want a all-in-one gadget, Sarah. What would happen if you lost it?

KAREN said...

I love my notebooks too - I frequently get my Moleskine out and sniff it's lovely pages (just me??)

There is a portable gadget called the Asus Eee which is sort of similar to what you were describing, but probably still not quite as handy as a notebook and pen.

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Helen, Leigh, Karen - yes notebooks (of the paper kind) are the only option really - one of the reasons I had a bit of a flip yesterday was that the lost notebook included some slightly incriminating character studies that were for my eyes only - I must be more careful in future!

Moondreamer said...

Gadgets will never be as beautiful as the notebook in your photo!