Friday, 11 January 2008

Wild dreams and savage dogs

A lovely item in the post this morning - the Arvon Foundation courses brochure for 2008. An object of beauty in itself and full of wonderful inspiring possibilities for the year ahead - such as a week in Inverness-shire with Ali Smith exploring short-stories, or in the hills of West Yorkshire with Kate Pullinger "collaborating on scripting a piece of new media literature." -I'm unlikely to be able to attend any of the courses this year but a writer can dream can't she?

If this wets you appetite at all, then the full brochure is available at the Arvon Foundation website.

OK back to Ywriter, I left my heroine alone in a field facing a savage dog. We need to do some quick thinking.



I think it might have been mine - the dog I mean. She just jumped up at a lady in a field, and made her trousers all muddy :( She wasn't savage though, just a bit lively!

HelenMH said...

Good luck with the savage dog!

Sarah Dunnakey said...

If it had been Karen's dog things would have turned out very differently indeed (ie a much shorter novel ending in chapter 3 with us all going home for a nice cup of tea together). Thankfully for my novel, if not for my heroine (though she will thank me in the end) the dog belongs to a total stranger (not a dark tall handsome one either)