Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Off to that London

Very excited about my trip to the big city tomorrow for the Messages / Your Messages launch. I have a to-do-list a mile long which has worrying things on it like - 'Pay Tax Bill' and 'Find out where this Covent Garden place is'.

I found this lovely picture of The Book on Sarah Salway's page - it's so very beautiful and so very purple.

It's available from Amazon and all proceeds go to the charity Kids Company

It's too late for me to take up the suggestion of wearing purple to match the book, I always plan well in advance what I am going to wear and cannot be moved on the subject (unless I discover a big stain down the front / can't do up the zip/ realise it makes me look like a frog).

I am reading my 'message' at the do and am third on - after published author Caroline Smailes!! I'm a wee bit nervous but I'm taking my step-sister along for support and she is going to make sure I don't succumb to the vodkas beforehand. Talking of which, it is the last day of my not-drinking month tomorrow but I think I may permit myself a premature tipple (or two) after I have read my piece, rather than waiting 'til midnight.

OK I've got a to-do list to deal with and it seems to have 'Polish boots and buy some nice tights' on it which both seem unlikely before I catch my train in the morning.


the blueblog said...

Ah, you'll be great - looking forward to hearing you read...

All the best


SpiralSkies said...

I'm confuzzled as to how boots from Poland will help but I'm sure you'll look scrummy.

Am most envious as your metropolitan extravaganza. Yes, most envious indeed.

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Thanks blueblog - I really enjoyed the evening - thaks for the opportunity to attend such a lovely event

Spiral - thank you for your lovely comment - the 'boots from Poland ' bit kept me smiling!