Thursday, 24 January 2008



He's my Pixie of Self Doubt (yes I know he looks friendly but there's a water pistol lurking in that bouquet). He lives under my desk and sometimes under my bed, he has even been known to lurk in the library (in the 'How to Write Properly' books section) and on trains (talking loudly into his mobile phone about 'wannabe writers who haven't got any original ideas and over use semi colons ;)

I had him locked in his box on Tuesday and had a blinder of a writing day. This included completing and sending off my first ever submission to Mslexia. Whether they like it or not it feels like an achievement to have done it.

Our writing group met in the evening and we had a guest writer, the playwright Linda Marshall-Griffiths (listen to her play broadcast on Radio Four last Friday under the name Jude Hughes). It was very generous of her to share her wealth of experience with us. She has such an obvious passion for writing that we couldn't help but be inspired. She did some workshop stuff with us that worked really well. So well that the next day I revisited what I had written, edited, tweaked etc and found I had - a poem! I'm not a great one for writing poetry, I tend to go all slushy and limp. But this one is different, it's actually quite edgy and creepy.

Eric managed to escape yesterday afternoon and told me with glee that my writing was irrelevant nonsensical chatter with no meaning or purpose. Not wanting to wallow in such feelings I distracted Eric with my poem (I have no expectations of being a poet so he can say what he likes about it) and did some sewing instead. I found a dress at the secondhand market in town that was so gorgeous - and only cost £4 -that I bought it even though it was two sizes too big. I spent last night tucking and turning, and voila! - a dress fit for a trip to the wine bar with my mates tonight. (Eric knows nothing of the cunning art of dressmaking so has no say in the matter).

Right Eric back in your box, I've just remembered some good things about my novel and need to get back to them before I forget.


HelenMH said...

You are so multi-talented! What a lovely dress! Tell Eric to go and discourage someone else x


Don't let Eric loose again, whatever you do. He will destroy you (imagine a dalek voice).

Lovely dress - I make impulse buys like that, but am not talented enough to make them fit me :)

I can knit though...she says desperately.

Fiona said...

Can you let the dress out again when you're bored with it, and send it to me?

I am a master at starting stories and then abandoning them. Great that you're writing a novel and fingers crossed for Myslexia.

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Helen & Karen - I've got Eric safely under lock and key at the moment and chapter 4 is under way!

Karen - Wish I could knit, I seem to be missing the required brain part. Might get the Happy Hooker crochet book tho cos I can manage a bit of that

Fiona - sorry, my alterations to the dress involved some lopping off with scissors, it can never be returned to its original state. Keep at it with those story beginnings, I keep rediscovering ones I abandoned ages a go that spark me off on something new (my Mslexia submission being one example)

Moondreamer said...

Sending a hug for you (because you're lovely AND INCREDIBLY TALENTED!) and a kick up the bum for Eric!

Your blog always makes me smile, Sarah, thank you!


Sarah Dunnakey said...

Aww thanks moondreamer - I will reread your comment if I hit a low point tomorrow