Thursday, 3 January 2008

A no stats stats post

Happy New Year everyone. Still eking out the festive season here, at least until all the After Eight mints have gone. The snow and an ice skating session helped to prolong the warm glowing feeling today.

I have been very impressed with the writing stats on other people's blogs - stories written, submitted, accepted, rejected etc. I was tempted to do the same here but then was dishearted by my relatively paltry output. The only solution I decided was just to write more, so that's my New Year's Resolution - I will write more and have some stats to be proud of this time next year.

I have also rashly pledged not to drink (alcohol) in January. December was particularly boozy this year, so much so that I now don't even fancy a nice glass of wine. So it seemed a good opportunity to have 31 days off (only 28 to go!). Anyone got any good soft drinks ideas?

Also intending to make great headway with my novel this month. I've been scribbling away all over the holidays, taking my chances while the rest of the family snoozed after feasting. And I've now got lots more words. Just hope they are the right ones.

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