Thursday, 17 April 2008

Six Word Autobiography

Thanks for this challenge Calistro, although the results may be just the product of a long day rather than a meaningful insight into my life:

Me in six words:

Is tired, would like to sleep


Tries to do to much and...

or, on a more upbeat note

Optimist, will not give up, yet


Loves family, friends, writing and parties

and, now that I've had a cup of tea, written a to-do-list and decided that everthing is really going to be pretty fab:

Let's dance, eat chocolate, drink wine


Calistro said...

Love "Optimist. Will not give up, yet"

that says so much in so few words (and I can relate to the sentiment!)

KAREN said...

Well, I never need much encouragement to eat chocolate, or to dance for that matter, but if I drink wine I will definitely give up and go to sleep :o)