Monday, 14 April 2008

I'm here!

Well done if you have found me in my new home. I haven't changed the decor just the name. It feels exciting to be anonymous - I can say anything I like! But not yet, not while there is still a link from my named blog (don't know who I'm kidding myself is reading this stuff!)

Anyway, I thought that as I had made the move I should at least write a new post for anyone who finds their way here.

Being doing lots of the writing stuff. In fact the still-to-be-named novel is moving along so merrily that I have reinstalled my word-ometer, I am now using one designed by the Lovely Leigh and I am looking forward to watching it fill up. I also sent off an entry for the Harpers Bazaar / Orange short story comp. Was a bit shocked to discover, almost too late, that I had to send a 'passport photograph' along with my entry. I'm not a great one for photos, especially of the passport kind, but I eventually found one that I hope will satisfy their requirements. One friend suggested that they ask for a photo to prove that you are female - I'm not convinced that the photo I sent will do that!

I then received an email from Fish Publishing asking for a short biog to accompany my story in their anthology and, yup you've guessed it, a photo. What to do? I'd already sent off my best one to Harper's Bazaar (and yes it was a real photo not a digital one so I don't have a copy)

I decided to take action and so spent yesterday afternoon and early this morning in the garden with My Man having a 'shoot'. Took the 36 results (some of which may even include me looking at the camera/ having my eyes open/ not looking like a man) off to the shop today and will be able to pick them up on a CD tomorrow. Now that I am anonymous I may even include one of them on this blog.


Calistro said...

Welcome to anonymity :o) Now you just have to go round all the blogs that link to you and ask them to remove your name *she said knowingly*

It IS good to move and become anonymous but, if your experience is like mine, you still won't feel 100% anonymous because there are little clues all over the internet for anyone who might be desperate to trace your blog. I just don't want agents to find mine to be honest. I whinge far too much about my writing woes!

I know what you mean about the Harpers comp. I tried SIX photo booths in Victoria station before I found one that worked. Then I just grimaced and hoped. Wouldn't it be wonderful to get somewhere in the Harpers comp? The money would be great for a start! ;o)

Jumbly Girl said...

Thanks for the tip about asking people to remove my full name from their blog- hadn't thoughtof that one!

I've a horrible feeling the photo I sent to Harpers might not be what they were after - I couldn't get a passport photo in time so I jsut chopped down an ordinairy photo to size. Hope they won't disqualify me on that - though if/when I don't win I can kid myself that was the reason :0}. It would be great to get placed in that comp though - fingers crossed for us both!

Rosqro Stanbok said...

Hi! I found you off my sitemeter and decided to read your blog! It is very cool! I have not finished all of your posts, but decided to publish a comment on this one!

It is nice to be anonymous. For me, as I believe it is for you, to, it's because I enjoy being able to vent about just about anything :)
I will probably post more comments on more posts, so you will see me around!

Jumbly Girl said...

Hi Rosqro - glad you like the blog.

KAREN said...

Jumbly Girl, you remind me of someone I used to know...

Now how the heck did you do it, and I couldn't? I must be dafter than I thought. I'll just have to hold back on the venting and ranting!

The sending photos thing is a nightmare isn't it? All passport type pictures make me look insane.
Good luck with the competition though :o)

Jumbly Girl said...

Karen - I followed some instructions sent to me by Cal and it all went very smoothly - would you like me to forward them to you?

As for photos for comps - aaaargh! I mean what is it all about? Hope it's not some initial weeding malarkey

Leigh said...

Well, isn't it strange when friends change their names, and you have to start calling them something new?

Jumbly Girl (Jumbly to your friends?). Mmmm. Methinks I'll need a large glass of wine to start me off on that one!

Jumbly Girl said...

'Jumbly' being a ref to my large collection of secondhand clothing rather than the colour of my head and hands of course (or my desire to go to sea in a seive). It's a name I use on a not yet public blog that I have been tinkering with and which I may let loose once i feel more settled in to my anonymity - watch this space and enjoy your wine!