Friday, 15 February 2008


Pinched this from Karen (thanks!). Not too convinced myself, but if the clever old computer insists this is my lookilikee celeb then who am I to argue?

We could be sisters!
(In case you're wondering, yes you can have more than one go at this and yes I did reject the photo that morphed me into Alice Cooper)

If you fancy having a go yourself, when you get to the 'save to your blog' bit I would recommend NOT entering your Blogger username and password(!) but instead opting for 'step by step help' as this just gives you the code to cut and paste.

Next I'm going to try out the rest of my family - hmmm now who is that My Man reminds me of again?

Quick update - eek apparently he is either Justin Timberlake or Reese Witherspoon! Can't show you the full morph - its far too scary


SpiralSkies said...

Ah, but which is Gwynnie and which is you?

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Spiral - That's very sweet, but actually I'm easy to spot - I'm the one whose looking glazed over cos its Christmas and I've eaten too many mince pies and that last glass of fizzy stuff was one too many and I'd really like to burp but I don't want to embarass my family in this ever so nice restaurant they've brought me to.


You look much prettier than Gwyneth!!

I got a bit silly and tried morphing the dog - needless to say, she had no matches. Must get back to the writing :o)

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Karen - oh you're too kind (have to say photo was taken from a very long way away - I think there is a certain distance from which we all look good (my photographer was in the car park.) Would love to see a Molly morph - what's the betting that someone comes up with the possibility of pet-celeb morphing very soon (I already known that my cat looks like Boris Johnson in an orange wig.

Yes, writing - lets do it!