Thursday, 14 February 2008

Good vibrations

Thanks for this tag Karen, it's just what I needed. I've been plagued with a horrid cold this week and returned to my computer last night to discover that the monitor has some horrible disease that causes it to fade into blackness and then go ping (I have a feeling that the disease is 'old age' and the days of fading and going ping are coming to us all.)

But on a lighter note - here are five ways that I raise my vibrations. By the way I'd like to cheat before I even get started and add reading, finding bargains in charity shops, watching my child turn somersaults in the swimming pool, leisurely weekend breakfasts with my family, morning coffee with friends, sleeping, Bloody Marys ...

Hard to beat a good run across the moors on a bright cold day (especially the bit after the gut wrenching, lung bursting, legs-heavy-as-lead first couple of miles). Only to be beaten by running through the woods in the snow.

Some very loud Led Zeppelin always sorts me out, especially when coupled with jumping (I can hardly call it dancing) around the room. Followed by something a bit more relaxed - Seth Lakeman, Nick Drake , War of the Worlds (aargh can't believe I just admitted to that)

Italian Food
Mmmm pasta with a rich seafood sauce and lots of tomato and garlic. A big glass of chianti. A sticky dolce, and some limoncello. Not forgetting the espresso. First time I had an espresso I thought it was alcoholic - but I was only 14

Swimming in the sea
Not many opportunities for it in the middle of the Pennines (hence the fell running) but I love that plunge into the cold, the battle with the waves, then floating and looking up at a blue sky. I grew up on the North East coast where the sea and the sky were mainly grey and we used to swim in the sea on Boxing Day for charity. I did it every year and never once remembered to get any one to sponsor me. It was worth it for the free hot soup and barley wine afterwards

Got to admit it girls, when it's good it's hard to beat.

Better go now before either me or the monitor goes ping.


HelenMH said...

What excellent choices. Hope you and the computer both feel better soon!


Sex??? What is this strange activity you speak of in such glowing terms? ;)

It is hard to narrow them down to five, isn't it. I could have added a few more m'self - it's impressive that we all have ways of raising our vibrations that have nothing to do with drugs and alcohol!! Mostly...

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Helen - Thanks. Computer monitor seems to be happier today, maybe I'd just been working it too hard (those spider solitaire cards are just so bright!)

Karen - Hmm yes I realised I was on tricky ground there being a married woman and all - What can I say! I put it down to the irrisistable chemistry between Gwyneth and Justin (see my lookilikee post!)
I too was glad to see that we mostly managed to 'raise' ourselves without the need for artificial stimulants (apart from my Bloody Marys - but they are mainly tomato juice and condiments and therefore count as food)