Tuesday, 15 September 2009


By my new writing class. It's run by Stephen May, author of the indispensible Teach Yourself Creative Writing and the award winning novel TAG (Both great books and I'm not just saying that cos I know him :o)). Who fortunately for me and other local wannabe writers just lives down the road.

I wasn't sure what to expect, having been to several writing classes/groups over the last couple of years but I got back home last night buzzing and full of ideas. Stephen didn't waste a minute of the hour and a half and had us doing lots of fantastic writing exercises that all cunningly linked together and really worked. I found voices and characters I'd never imagined I had in me and came away with three pieces of writing that I'm sure will lead on to something more. The other people in the class were equally impressed - even /especially the woman who said she had never had to work so hard at writing in her life.

For anyone in the area who is interested in coming along the sessions are at Hebden Bridge Library on a Monday and Thursday evening 6-7.30.

Now I'm going to go and introduce my favourite new character from last night to the motley crew that are assembing for my Murder Mystery.


Queenie said...

Stephen is indeed lovely, I met him when he was Centre Director at Lumb Bank and I was on an Arvon course there. I'm sure he wouldn't remember me, as the course was only a week long, but I remember him well. You're lucky to be going to a class with him, I'm envious.

Karen said...

He sounds great - wish we had something similar at our library!

HelenMHunt said...

Sounds brilliant. I'm finding writing courses a bit thin on the ground around here, although I am going on a novel planning course with the lovely Adrian Magson next month.

SpiralSkies said...

Gosh - I can feel your fizzling excitement from here, how wonderful!

There's nothing better than an inspirational teacher really. Well, nothing you can get at the library, anyway...

MommaMindy said...

Why don't you video the next class so those of us across the waters can benefit? Glad you were so inspired. I have learned way more in short writer's workshops than I ever did in college. Profs can lack passion.

Kate said...

Sounds like really good fun as well as learning. I am jealous!

Kate x

Jumbly Girl said...

Queenie - Nice to know you've met him too. HB is particularly blessed with writers willing to teach - we are indeed lucky. I can really recommend Stephen's book for writing exercises as an alternative

Karen - we have a fab librarian who is in charge of 'literary events' and she organises all sorts of writers and readers stuff. I get the impression she sort of created the role herself and its been a big success

Helen - oooh a novel planning course sounds great, looking forward to hearing all about it

Spiral - Yes coming away from the library fizzing is great. Ours not only does inspirational teacher but decent hot chocolate too!

MommaMindy - Suggested video to Stephen last night and he looke d a bit scared - maybe he should just do a transatlantic tour :o)

Kate - I think the fun bit is vital, it works with kids so why not adult learners too.