Sunday, 19 April 2009

Delusions of glamour

Every now and then in Italy I get a flash of La Dolce Vita, those moments when I suddenly feel as though I'm on the set of a classy film and something wonderfully romantic is about to happen. There was a drive along the coast last year, when everyone we passed seemed impossibly glamourous and carefree (and were they really all driving sports cars and wearing big hats?(maybe I'd had too much sun)). Anyway it happened again this week in the Garzoni Gardens near Collodi.

The gardens adjoin the Parco Pinocchio and our 'Biglietto Unico' admitted us to both. For the benefit of the daughter we headed for Pinocchio Land first. As theme parks go it is fairly tame, but the daughter loved it and there are some lovely sculptures and mosiacs telling the story of Pinocchio (although I suddenly realised I only knew the Disney version and felt a bit lost). There were pointed hatted grinning Pinnochio's everywhere including a giant 16m high one one that towered above us watching our every move.

After becoming pinnochioed out and foolishly eating our picnic in the midday sun (it's true what they say about Mad Dogs etc) we headed for the tranquility of the Garzoni Gardens.

They were designed in the 16th century and are heavy on marble sculpture, sweeping staircases and hidden corners. It was a beautiful blue sky day, which set it all off perfectly. It has been used as a film set and backdrop lots of times and I confess, in my vintage '50s sundress and big shades I had a Dolce Vita moment. I leaned against balustrades and gazed wistfully up at the muscled marbled gods on display while the daughter and Hubby reclined under the orange trees. Just think Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn and a young Judy Garland ;o).

Sadly it was the one day so far that we forgot our camera so instead of pictures of a pasty English family looking a bit sundazed and confused, and wearing considerably less clothing than any of the be-coated and be-mused Italians, I thought I'd share this with you instead (this is what it looked like in my head!)

In lieu of photographs I bought lots of postcards including the above and this one of some rather scary looking Spanish ballet dancers

The above pasted above my computer today has kept me jolly as I'm not feeling quite so be-glamoured anymore. Hubby and daughter flew back to England yesterday so now it's just me and the dog. And they even took the sunshine with them! Apparently they were frolicking naked on the allotment this afternoon (or maybe that was just the daughter) while here the skies have been an Eeyorish grey and threatening rain. Still I've got loads of writing done and have a whole week of only dogwalking and writing to come, so I can hardly complain.


KAREN said...

I've really enjoyed reading about your trip, and those postcards! Surely a couple of story prompts there? :o)

Tim said...

You are more glamorous than Diana Dors.

Jumbly Girl said...

Karen - ooh yes there's defintiely a story behind the Surly Spanish dancers (the one on the right is surely a man) When its my turn for prompts there may well be an Italian theme

Tim - thank you darling, ahem I mean complete stranger with a flattering way with comments

Leigh said...

I'm looking at that photograph of you... obviously the figure is right, the handsome man is right and the dress is just perfect, but when, lovey, did you bleach your hair? I wouldn't have recognised you ;-)

Queenie said...

Great photos, and I know just what you mean about 50s glamour. I like the gardens better in colour than in b/w, though. 'Loads of writing done' sounds good. I hope your return to Blighty isn't too much of a come-down!

SpiralSkies said...

There is something impossibly glamorous about that whole 50s thing. Looking good in that frock, girl! :0)

Jumbly Girl said...

Leigh - thank you m'dear - oh what a short memory you have, hope the real me in june won't be too much of a shock :o)

Queenie - yes the colour was spectacular, but b/w defintiely needed for the classy glam look (makes my cheek and nose look less rosy too!)

Spiral - yes definitely wins Glamourous Decade award for me (I haven't got the figure for a 1920s flapper). Re girl in frock - if only!