Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Life is good

Thank you for all your kind words on my printing nightmare and apologies for the scantiness of my blogging, both here and in my comments on everyone elses blogs. I am truly swamped with work at the moment having taken on about a years work to be done in two months. The end is in sight but only at the end of a long tunnel of many houred days.

Anyway enough wingeing; life is good. I had a fantastic meeting with my writing mentor last week. She has now read the latest draft of my novel in full. My head will explode with boastfulness if I repeat all the lovely things she said about it but basically the keywords were 'very publishable' and 'I love it'. The latter coming from a many times published and highly respected author / intelligent well-read woman makes me very happy indeed. The former (for all the same reasons) makes me very excited. In fact we were both very excited over our coffees last week . She is keen for me to get my first chapters out to an agent asap, but there is still some tinkering to be done with the rest. I don't want to risk being asked for a full manuscript and then feeling that it's not quite ready and not having any spare time to get it ready.

It may all have to wait until the end of Feb / beginning of March when I can give it my best. Just wish I wasn't so impatient. Meanwhile my mentor has helped me draft my covering letter and given me loads of help with my synopsis about which I was formerly clueless. What a star. Can highly recommend her and the mentoring scheme that she runs - if anyone wants more details let me know and I will send links etc.

Hurrah I've run and blogged this morning. Now I'd better do some work


Queenie said...

I'm impatient too - but I'm slowly learning that in the grand scheme of things, where publishing is concerned, another month or two here or there makes very little difference. After a helpful professional critique last summer, I'm now ready to do another draft of my novel, but like you I'm far too busy to get at it - and will be until April. By that time it'll be a year since I last worked on it. I would never have thought I could cope with such a long gap, but several people told me it might prove useful in the end, and now I think they were right. I hope you will find the same.

Calistro said...

That's absolutely fantastic news Jumbly! How exciting!

If your novel is commercial rather than literary give me a shout and I'll give you my agents details.

Leigh said...

Oooh, yes, details please, including which is her favourite type of apple ;-)

(You clever girl!)

Queenie said...

Just popped back to say - I got so obsessed by the patience/impatience thing, I forgot to write the bit that said well done, what your mentor said sounds like really good news and I think congratulations are in order! I've been wondering about trying some mentoring, I think I need to do my next draft first but I may come back to you for info after that.

HelenMHunt said...

You are a complete star and so productive.

The Dotterel said...

That's wonderful news, and I know that feeling of impatience, too! I've just had the enormous thrill of going into Waterstones and finding my own book on the shelves - that's why, when you're writing, you want everything to happen so quickly. It's worth it too, believe me!

KAREN said...

That's fantastically encouraging feedback from your mentor, I'm really excited for you :o)

Jumbly Girl said...

Queenie - just realised who you are - Welcome! yes I am hoping that patience will prove to be a virtue

Cally - Thank you that's really kind. Will email you with details if that's OK and see if you think its her kind of thing

Leigh - will email you details soon (promise) Don't know if she's into apples but large capuccinos seem to go down well

Helen - Thank you m'dear, don;t know about productive, but I seem to ahve done all the writing I inteneded to do in the last ten years in one!

Dotterel - Great news about your book - I'm still dreaming :o)

Karen - Thank you. Excitement is good (especially when shared) and I haven't lost mine yet