Friday, 30 January 2009

I Am A Writer

Just thought I need a little reminder seeing as I haven't actually written anything for the last three weeks. Time was that many three weeks would pass without me writing anything of significance, but for the last two years writing has become increasingly part of who I am. And the last three weeks have left me feeling - empty.. When I eavesdrop on my fellow writers on the SAF blog I feel like a ghost haunting a much loved place that I long to go back to. Ok bit over melodramatic that, but I am seriously missing the whole writing thing. Grrrrr.

Still only 3 weeks max to go. Meanwhile my novel, sits in a bag at my feet. I daren't look at it in case it is looking back with big beseeching eyes "Edit me! Edit Me!".

Actually I did write something today. I had just spent half an hour speed researching Carry On Films/Anatomy of the Human Body/Algebraic Formulae/British Generals and popped downstairs for a cuppa, when a voice started up in my head. It was one of my characters mid-monologue. She continued as I brewed up and searched fruitlessly (or more truthfully biscuitlessly) for a mid-afternoon snack. I got back to my desk and started to scribble. Ten minutes later I had two sides of A4 which I fed into the novel bag in the hope that it will keep my grumbling manuscript happy for a while.

Meanwhile (part 2) - Hubby is reading the novel. Other than myself and my mentor no-one else has read more than a brief snippet and hubby is the first to read it from beginning to end, as a novel, with no prior knowledge of what is going on. Ongoing reviews include: "Exciting!", "A real page turner" and "I couldn't put it down (apart from when I got to my train station)" and best of all (if said in a bit of a surprised voice) "It's like a real novel!!!"

My first reader. And I married him!


Calistro said...

"My first reader. And I married him!"

Awww, that made me grin. He sounds like a man with impecable taste I must say. :o)

Queenie said...

It's weird, isn't it. I'm not quite as busy as you, but not far off, so I'm not writing much, and I definitely don't have time to work on my novel. In fact I won't have time till April, which is horribly frustrating as I'm ready to do the next draft, but it can't be helped, paid work has to come first. I do miss it though. But, as you say, the time will pass.

Bernadette said...

Good luck with the novel, and what a great response from your husband. The first reader of many I'm sure.

(You do know you can't marry them all, don't you?)

Bernadette said...
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lakeviewer said...

He is a keeper, hubby that is. We all need supportive souls to get through the doubts and the uncertain days. Carry on, from one writer wannabee, to another.

Leigh said...

Looking forward to you coming back, JG.
Been missing you!