Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Running in Birkenstocks

Is not recommended. Not even when they are the flowery blue funky kind

Running in Birkenstocks is a bad idea, especially when your route takes you over cobbles still wet from the rain and you catch sight of a him and a her that you didn't realise had become a 'them' and you fail to see the cobblestone that is slightly bigger than all the rest. There is little consolation in being the owner of a juicy piece of gossip when you are prostrate on the floor with a bruised knee while the subjects of your gossip float by oblivious.

Running in Birkenstocks is particularly to be avoided at train stations. I was waiting patiently for my delayed train when there was a platform alteration at the last minute. Forgetting what was on my feet I ran, an extra-large not-yet-even-sipped cappucino in one hand, a stuffed to busting suitcase on wheels in the other. It had been raining (again). One minute I was running, the next I was flying - all limbs in the air suspended above the ground, then whoompf. The platform was very hard, and covered in hot coffee, and one of my sandals had disappeared. The guard blew his whistle and suddenly strangers appeared bundling me onto the train, mopping at my skirt with hankies, heaving my suitcase after me and, thankfully, one of them handing over the missing Birkie. They oohed and aahed at the blood oozing from my knee, but all avoided my eyes. I think they suspected I was drunk.

Ah well love them though I do I won't be running in my Birkies again soon. I did however find them very useful on my hols at the seaside. I clambered over rocks in them, played tennis, cycled, did a spot of archery and practiced handstands with my daughter (it's the modern Birkenstock pentathlon!). They also came in very useful as an anchor for a bodyboard on a windy day at the beach (anchored on the sand not the in the sea :o)) and as a holder for my cup of tea in the morning and my glass of cider at night (we were camping, if that makes that bit make more sense).

No more shoes in my next post I promise. I have things to say about writing . I really do. Honest.


Calistro said...

I can't wear Birkenstocks (much as I'd like to) because my toes are freakishly long and rub on the front of the shoe!

How nice of strangers to help you up when you fell at the train station. You obviously weren't in London at the time! ;o)

Pat Posner said...

Saw your name o Maddie's blog so came to say hello.

I hope there will be some more Shoe Posts - I enjoyed reading them.

Cally, long toes have got to be better than bunion-type joints any time. Buying shoes is a nightmare.

Jumbly Girl said...

Calistro - sad about the non-Birkenstock wearing, they really are fab. How long is freakishly long :o?
You're dead right about me not being in London when I tripped, I was in Cardiff where everyone is very friendly and lovely.

Scarily the incident happened after I wrote my SAF 'Fashion's Loss' story -fact mirroring fiction(almost)

Pat - thanks for stopping by, glad you like the shoe posts. Despite my denial at the end of the last one there will undoubtedly be more :o)

Leigh said...

At least you did it all with style, and what style, eh? They're gorgeous!

Jumbly Girl said...

Leigh - Thanks. Yes they are lovely aren't they.

Actually I've cheated slightly. Mine are pale blue but I couldn't find a piccy on the web of them and the insoles of mine have got that grim lived in look. I did take a photo but decided not to inflict it on the blogging world

ileft said...

I just got a new pair of B-Stocks today and come online to find information on cork care, as it turns out, your article was more entertaining.

Thank you!