Friday, 15 August 2008

Premenstrual woman tries to hoover room that she can't stand up-right in.

It was never a good idea. Especially when said room had corners that haven't seen the light of day for months. The daughter sat a safe distance away and after ten minutes of watching me huff and swear and growl said "It's really sunny outside, why don't we go to the park?"

The park was lovely - I stood tall, breathed fresh air and ate ice cream, and crucially, didn't have to lug a hoover about. Now it is dark and nobody can see the dust anyway. The daughter really does have much better ideas than me.

I may have to consult her on the novel. As of yesterday morning I have 'completely rewritten' the central bit of my plot - there are new characters and everything. it seems a bit radical at this point - 50K words, but I just felt it was lacking something, that it was a bit 'so-what'. Tonight I am going to present the case for the new story line to hubby , who is very objective and incisive yet kind about these things.

Meanwhile I have been inspired by Tam, whose output on the womag story front has made me determined to try to increase my own. As have the successes of Calistro, womagwriter, Helen MH, Maddie Moon , Sally Q and Bernadette. Well done everyone.


HelenMH said...

Long may we all inspire each other!

Debs said...

The park was definately the better idea. I hate hoovering and will do almost anything before I end up switching the thing on and get going.

Calistro said...

Oh yes, housework should DEFINITELY come secondary to everything!

KAREN said...

Daughter's do have an answer for everything. When I suggested to mine that she help with housework occasionally she said, but why when mess and dust doesn't bother her. Fair point!

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before your stories are published by the way, you're so talented :o)

Jumbly Girl said...

Helen - Hurrah to that!

Debs & Calistro - There is always something better to do. Although I am quite fond of our 'hoover' as it's a Henry and very fierce and effective

Karen - Mustn't let my daughter read your daughter's comment as I'm sure she'd agree.

Thanks for your lovely comment about my writing. I'm continuing to sub away and hopefully it will just be a matter of time - I just wish I was more patient :o)