Saturday, 22 December 2007

Sewing a story

I was sewing last night. Not something I do very often but when I do I enjoy it. I was making felt Christmas tree decorations (as you do, last minute and all that) and while my mind drifted in and out with the needle I had a thought, and then another and then a whole run of them - all about my novel and all incredibly useful. A lot of loose ends (to push the metaphor) were tied, several connections made and a whole new lovely character walked in.

So many times I have tried to write and it hasn't come and so many times I have looked despairingly at my pile of sewing projects (rag rugs, half made bags, dresses and tablecloths that I am trying to turn into skirts) and decided that I haven't got time to finish them . The answer it seems is simple, get on with the sewing and while my body is distracted my mind can deal with the writing - how productive is that!


CTaylor said...

Sewing (and knitting in my case) are great for freeing up the mind to think about more interesting things (and coming up with novel ideas!).

Just thought I'd pop by to wish you a very Happy Christmas as I'm about to sign off blogger until after the festivities are over. I hope you and yours have a wonderful time x

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Thanks Cally

Hope you have a lovely festive time too.

Looking forward to hearing from you again when you bounce back into what promises to be a very interesting new year.