Saturday, 15 December 2007

A message

The 15th Dec at last, end of vow of silence, I can make public the news that one of my messages for the Your Messages project is going to be included in the published book. I'm extremely chuffed and very pleased with the piece they have chosen as of those I submitted it was one of my favourites.

Well done to everyone else who is to be included in the anthology, can't wait to meet those of you who will be attending the launch of the book and of Sarah and Lynne's Messages in January.

Big thanks to Sarah Salway and Lynne Rees for thinking up such a great idea. Profits from sales of Your Messages will go to the Kids Company charity, which:

"Provides practical and emotional support to ‘lone children’. These are children and young people who experience significant psychosocial difficulties because their parent is unable to function as a caring adult."

A really good cause to support. Follow the link to find out more. I will post up details of how to purchase the book when they are available.


SallyQ said...

Well done, Sarah! I'm really disappointed I couldn't find time to take part in the 'messages' project now. But it's great to see fellow bloggers making the grade!

CTaylor said...

Yay! Well done Sarah! You, Leigh, Cathy, Zinnia and Leather were so much better at keeping the secret than me. I was so bloody excited I couldn't help myself from hinting on my blog. Poor boyfriend had to listen to me squeal for several minutes. Anyway, well done again and I look forward to meeting you on the 31st! :o)