Thursday, 22 November 2007

A Nigella rant

Nigella gets more addictive as the series go on. I have to have a large glass of wine to appreciate her fully but once that's down I'm hooked.

She was on a comic roll this week with her quips about chips, collapsing grandeur and squidgy piles. I do worry about her arteries though - when she added the cream to the butterscotch topping for the ice cream cake, I could just hear them hardening.

But, pomegranate seeds in a tub! Come on Nigella, I know you're in a hurry ("Its the express way") but what's wrong with halving the fruit and using a fork. Ooooh that made me cross. 'What did you expect!' a thousand voices less gullible voices cry. Well yes I know, but have you tried her Margarita ice cream, her Sausage, Halloumi and Peppers and her Marsala Honey Pears with Gorgonzola. She's doing something right.

Please someone tell me that she has pinched all these fab recipes, that actually work when you try them at home, from someone who gives a damn about packaging and food miles and I will willingly switch my allegiance, and I won't need a glass of wine to do it.

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