Monday, 19 November 2007

A flash in the pan?

The Leaf Micro-fiction 2007 results are up on their blog, and I am really chuffed - one of my pieces has been 'commended'. This means it will be included in the published anthology - a piece of my writing in a book that sells for real money - a first! So chuffed I had to spill some champagne, but in a refined 'drink as much of it as you can' way not the Formula One racing driver all over the floor method (and it was Cava not Champagne but who's counting.)

So, feeling very inspired this morning. Although I'm a bit concerned that what with flash fiction submissions here and there and the ongoing Your Messages project all of my writing recently has resulted in pieces less thann 300 words long. Will I never write anything longer again? I'm hoping to enter the Fish Short Story Comp at the end of the month so I will have to start practicing getting my word count into the thousands. I have a couple of ideas for a story so will give it a go this afternoon.

The Bridport winners are also up. I was comforted by the writing pedigrees of the majority of the winners - creative writing lecturers, published poets, Toby Litt! Made me feel much better about not making the cut. Looking forward to reading the anthology.


HelenMH said...

Oh, well done!

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Thanks Helen. It's given me a real boost this week. Looking forward to seeing it in print sometime next year.
Just read your post on 18th November - I've drawn similar conclusions from the Your Messages project - 300 words at a time is a good thing to aim for. Looking forward to reading your promts and extracts