Thursday, 13 September 2007

Counting the words

Got off to a flying start today - I wrote 2,000 words before lunch (OK, so it was a very late lunch). Unfortunately it was 2,000 words of an entirely new novel idea which came to me while I was reading my emails. It felt good to be writing so fluidly but I wish I could have added to my main novel word count. Still I suppose it's all good exercise and who knows where on or when those 2,000 words might come in useful.

I started to write a ghost story for the Times / Vintage Classics competition last night, but I had to stop 'cos I was giving myself the creeps. This isn't any indication of the scariness of my story, it's just that I am a wimp. It was fun tho' writing something in a genre I haven't tried before. I'm going to try and finish it off later, in the bright light of the afternoon.

I've signed up once more for a writing class run by my local WEA. Its one that I started back in January and I have found it really useful for lots of reasons - excellent advice and tips from our wonderful tutor, support from fellow local writers and adding a bit of structure to my writing life. I'm looking forward to the classes starting again in a couple of weeks.

I've now added a novel wordcounter to my blog, in the hope that it will embarrass me into adding to my total wordage (yeah I know quantity isn't everything but nobody seems to have devised a quality-ometer yet (now wouldn't that be a useful tool!)). I was pleased to find out that I had written almost a quarter of my intended total. Thanks to Sarah *G* for guiding me to the Zokutou Word Meter


Ann said...

Fantastic stuff, Sarah, 2,000 words - I am so impressed. Julian Clary only managed 1,000 a day on his novel and he didn't have to stop for the school pick up! And you updated your blog as well! I check it every day and love to hear your musings and your enthusiam. I'm looking forward to the WEA class starting back too. I'm just plodding along with my Lizzie Siddal research, looking for a good twist, friendship or incident that could generate something substantial to add to the already known about her. I know I could just make something up but it would be nice to keep to fiction based primarily on fact. Keep up the good work. Ann xxx

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Ann. Good luck with the Lizzie research.


Rebecca said...

What a beautiful blog! The joy you find in the written word and in the act and art of writing itself is almost tangible. You have a real talent and I'm so glad you have found the time and energy needed to nurture it.

I have been waiting for you to tell me that you won the Miss Write competition. I'm really sorry it didn't work out this time, but hey, Cosmo's loss might be Virago's gain!

See you soon

Becs xx