Friday, 7 November 2008


I have been taught how to knit lots of times - by my mum, my Gran and a couple of years ago even did a course on knitting with wire and plastic bags at Art College. I've never really taken to it though. I have a problem with wool. The thought of wet wool -yeesh, it just makes my teeth go all fizzy. (And knitting with wire was really tough)

But when a couple of friends said they wished they had more time for knitting I suggested we start a knitting club. So now ten or so of us meet every Monday morning in a cafĂ© with squishy sofas and - we knit. Actually the knitting bit isn’t compulsory, some people just turn up for a chat. But four weeks in I have made the obligatory scarf (thin wool on ginormously fat needles so it's sort of lacy (and you can’t see the unintentional holes)) and a bag.

(My bag being modelled by someone who is not me)

Very chuffed with myself and manage to grit teeth whenever thought of damp wool enters my head. Hurrah I am a born again knitter, there will be cardigans and hats and scary clowns…

Except, last week, I was suddenly struck down by agonising pain in my back and cramps in my arm. The doctor prescribed super strength pain killers and sent me to see a physio.

“Done anything different in the last few weeks?” physio asked.
“No,” I said thinking hard. “Same old, same old.”
Just as I was leaving she commented on my bag.
“I made it myself,” I said proudly.
“Recently?” she asked.
“Yes,” I said still proud, “Just finished it, and you know what, I’ve never knitted before.”

Her diagnosis was swift and decisive - ‘tis the knitting what’s done it. After 30+ years of avoiding wool based craft activities my month of ribbing and gartering has done for me. I may never knit again!

Will have to start new club - paper maché anyone?


Calistro said...

Ooooh! I love knitting too and have recently taken it up again as I was spending too much time in front of the TV with my laptop on. Now I sit in front of the TV with my knitting! Also, you can't snack and knit at the same time (or if you can - don't tell me!)

I did get a hand cramp after several hours of knitting the other night. It's a dangerous hobby! ;o)

p.s. Am currently knitting something for my friend's child. Will post it on my blog when finished!

HelenMH said...

I think you should see this as a great excuse to turn up on Monday mornings just for the gossip!

SpiralSkies said...

Cor blimey - I had never imagined that knotting could be so hazardous.

That bag is rather yumptious though... I once knitted an egg cosy and suspect that may have been my knitting peak.

I don't mind wet wool but wet sheep make me feel a bit squeaky... I always have visions of them becoming impossibly heavy and stretching out of shape :0(

Honeysuckle said...

So, holistically speaking, that fizzy teeth thing was your body trying to save you from the bad back? Hmmm, very clever...

KAREN said...

My mum developed a terribly painful elbow from stirring her porridge every morning, would you believe!!

Love knitting, but haven't done any for ages...maybe it's just as well :o) Love the bag too.

Jumbly Girl said...

Calistro - snackcing and knitting is indeed difficlut - although i find slurping a cappuchino between rows very invigorating. Looking forward to seeing results of your knitting project

Helen - Too right - I am going along tomorrow as an observer :o)

Spiral - egg cosies great idea, must get a pattern. Squeaky sheep - yeek. have just watched 'The Dark' and am now v. scared of sheep

Honeysuckle - if only I'd listened to my body - next time!

Karen - LOL I have warned hubby who is our official porridge stirrer - he promises to take care

Anonymous said...

I am definitely not a knitter but it's such a shame that you have developed this injury. Hope you will be okay.

CJ xx

Jumbly Girl said...

Thanks CJ. After a wool-free week my shoulder is much improved, but I've just found a very tempting pattern for a hat - may have to ease myself back in slowly and paying more attention to my posture