Friday, 17 October 2008

There are more questions than answers

Actually in this case that's not true, I have answered all the questions below as required. But I remember hearing a homeless man singing the above in a bus stop late one night - very poignant (and totally beside the point, get on with it girl).
Okay, thank you, thank you to Tam, Sally Q and Helen MH for this lovely award.

And in return here's a bit about me:

1) Where is your mobile phone? Downstairs, I just heard it go ping.

2)Where is your significant other? At work and possibly reading this

3)Your hair colour? Ask my hairdresser - I just known that it's a number not a name

4)Your mother? B&B landlady is her latest incarnation, which I can't wait to see

5) Your father? In Italy (and possibly reading this)

6) Your favorite thing? My daughter (is it alright to call her a thing?)

7) Your dream last night? Being exposed in a public toilet. A recurring theme, this time the walls collapsed around me one by one.

8) Your dream/goal? To have a novel published.

9) The room you're in? We call it 'the study, but its really a glorified landing that is also home to drying washing, stuff that needs to go up to the next floor and our harmonium

10)Your hobby? Writing, running, making stuff

11) Your fear? Illness (in me and in others)

12) Where do you want to be in 6 years? On the shelves in Waterstones

13) Where were you last night? Woodcraft Folk - We had an Australian themed night - Had a serious discussion about land rights and emigration, then painted our faces, made boomerangs, and told stories

Edited to add: This is a kids group that I help to run, just in case you were thinking it was some bizarre cult

14) What you're not? Patient

15) One of your wish-list items? A gadget that will give me (genuinely) free unlimited access to the internet and will fit in my pocket, yet will also magically have a (genuinely) usable keyboard for me to tip tap on.

16) Where you grew up? North Yorkshire and North East coast

17) The last thing you did? Coffee and chat with friends this morning after we'd dropped the kids at school

18) What are you wearing? My favourite stripey velevet skirt and a purple top and socks with holes in

19) Your TV? Very small

20) Your pets? Old saggy cat

21) Your computer? Temperamental

22) Your mood? Up. It's Friday. Enjoyed my coffee time this morning, looking forward to writing all day then people coming round this evening for supper

23) Missing someone? Often

24) Your car? Smells

25) Something you're not wearing? Sunglasses

26) Favorite store? Charity shop

27) Your summer? Gorgeous. Relaxed, fun, but too short

28) Love someone? Lots

29) Your favorite colour? Blue, unless it's food

30) When is the last time you laughed? This morning over coffee

31) Last time you cried? I'm prone to tears spilling over all sorts of stuff but I haven't had a full on bawling session for ages.

I need to pass this on and having had a look around realised that most of the blogs I read have already been awarded it. I love lots of blogs and could just give it to you all but I've narrowed it down to the five that I always read as soon as Google Reader tells me they've posted something new - Spiral Skies, Karen, Womag, Helen MH and Sally


Quillers said...

Oh I've had the public loo dream quite a few times too! (that's a rare one I remember because I have it so often) Isn't it excruciating? According to a friend, you're okay as long as you don't actually succeed in doing what you're trying to do. If you manage, then you need to get up and change the sheets ;-)

KAREN said...

Thanks Jumbly Girl!

Great answers - I want one of those gadgets, and I love the idea of a land-lady mum! Must be a story or two in there :o)

Anonymous said...

No. 2 - yes I am!!

HelenMH said...

I have the public loo dream all the time as well! 'There are more questions than answers', always reminds me of A Question of Sport where they used to do the mystery sport celebrity thing (maybe they still do!). How sad does that make me?

SpiralSkies said...

Thank you very much :0)

As for the woodcraft/folk/face painting, I. um, did read that the first time and think it sounded slightly mad. And cultish. And mental. But it made me like you even more. You rock!

Jumbly Girl said...

Quillers - LOL! Glad it s not just me

Karen - Stories about my mum - if only I dared :o)

Anonymous - Think you just blew your cover there Mr Jumbly

Helen - You too! What can it mean? (I've been told it's about fear of exposure which as writers I suppose we are setting ourselves up for). I remember that bit of QoS too, it was the only bit I liked.

Spiral - Thank you! You're welcome to join our cult anytime, but you must bring your own boomerang.

Molly said...

Visiting courtesy of the Black Box from Atlanta...enjoyed my visit!

Jumbly Girl said...

Thanks for dropping by Molly