Thursday, 19 June 2008

Buy this Book

It's fab, it really is. And Lovely Leigh is in it and so is Spiral Skies. I love it even though it has already made me cry. It's not all sad, or even mostly, there are lots of uplifting heartwarming stories too.

If you buy the £12.50 paperback £6-7 goes to the charity WarChild - an international charity that works with children affected by war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. They work with former child soldiers, children in prison and children living and working on the streets to give them support, protection and opportunities.
If you go for the download they get a whole £10 ('fraid I opted for the pb as I have yet to read any book that I have downloaded except of course for Disraeli Avenue which somehow worked that way (buy that too!))

Short post but it is Thursday and I was on Woodcraft Folk duty tonight. Helping to supervise twelve children as they leapt shrieking into the murky pools of a woodland river seems to have exhausted me for some reason.
They did look lovely and carefree though - I wanted to photograph them and send the picture to those Grumpy Olds who say children don't know how to have fun anymore. But my phone memory was full because of the videos hubby took of him and daughter faking skateboarding accidents for You've Been Framed. If I had the right sort of brain I would upload said vids here and you could rate their chances of ever making it on to the show. Let's just saying I'm not making plans for spending the £250


Debs said...

It is a great book. I was so excited to receive mine and the stories inside are all so different and thought-provoking.

So worthwhile.

Jumbly Girl said...

Debs - Everyone seems to be loving it which is great and makes me feel even happier about promoting it. Are you in it by the way? - and if so which one?

SpiralSkies said...

Debs is in it - on page 45 - the page before me! I'm in a book, I'm in a book! Oh dear, sorry.

I bought the pb too. Downloads are super-good but trying to read from the computer screen in the bath is a bugger.

Have a jolly good weekend X

Jumbly Girl said...

Spiral - thanks found it now and jolly good it is too.

Yours was really moving, well done for writing it - I've decided not to take the book out with me on the train anymore in case I am caught short with blurred visiona and a need for a hanky again. I am now mainly reading it in the bath - how intimate can you get!

Have a good weekend too, and just watch out with those Jimmy Saville impersonations - they're infectious