Monday, 12 May 2008

I'm Back!

Though to be honest I never actually went away. I just didn't blog, for a whole two whole weeks. Then today I realised how much I was missing it so have returned with vigour and vim and - a moan. I know it’s been said before, and to a better tune, but I Hate Mondays. No matter how hard I try to think positively and ignore the fact that it’s the first day of the week, I just never get very much done. It’s so frustrating when I'm overloaded with work, and want to get on with my writing and have seven tonnes of washing to do from camping holiday (OK so I was a way for a bit). I sat down this morning at 9.30 determined to get all of today’s work done by three so I could get on with Other Stuff. Here I am at ten to six and I have just finished the barest minimum of what I'd hoped to get through. I just know that tomorrow, being Tuesday will be better.

On a happier note, since I last blogged I have written another 5,000 words of my novel, sent off a story to the Momaya SS competition and got a very nice 'sorry you didn't win but we gave your story serious consideration' note from the Story Quarterly people. I also wrote my Story a Fortnight blog contribution - my first attempt at a womag story. I am going to spend my early morning sessions this week brushing up the latter for submission to a magazine and also working on a couple of other stories I found lurking on the computer which might also be suitable for sending off. I know from reading about the submissions and rejections of my fellow bloggers that the womag market is a tough one to get into but I'm excited at the prospect of giving it a try.


Maddie Moon said...

My Mondays are a bit like that. I always imagine getting so much done, but just end up playing catch up after the weekend.

Well done on the word count and good luck with the submissions.

Calistro said...

Good to see you back and blogging again!

Congrats on your womag story and wo betide anyone who tries to tell you you can't write literary stories AND womag stories. A writer is a writer is a writer and a good writer can turn their hand to any genre. Fingers crossed for your story. I'm hoping LOADS of sales will comes out of the Story a Fortnight group :o)

KAREN said...

Ah there you are! It seems I have to wait nearly a minute for any words to appear...that's why I thought you'd vanished!

Hope today is less horrid than Monday - I know what you mean, and good luck with your submissions. I've been dusting some stories off too. The Story a Fortnight has really given me a boost :o)

Jumbly Girl said...

maddie - thanks. Tuesday was much better, hope it was for you too

calistro - good advice. A writer is a writer and a good story is a good story, whihc ever market it is aimed at. Thanks!

Karen - must have been a technical hitch, glad its sorted now. Good luck with your dusted down stories - its all very exciting isn't it :o)